To implement innovative, state-of-the-art farming technology (tested and researched) that is
affordable by the farming community, thereby enhancing sustainable agriculture practices to
increase productivity and profits for farmers.

Your Agriculture



GreenPepper addresses the need to increase efficiency and sustainability of large industrial
farming, as well as the productivity and scalability of smallholder farming, by deploying the
world’s most advanced solution for mapping and diagnostics of farmland. We help farmers to
use water, fertilizers, chemicals and fuel more efficiently; improve the quality and quantity of
their production; minimize the harmful impact on the environment; as well as reduce risks
associated with drought, extreme weather conditions and climate change.


Green Pepper Technologies is an agriculture company looking for smart farming using
optical imagery. We combine unparalleled expertize and cutting-edge innovation to
passively monitor your crops 24/7 and analyze their well-being, productivity and performance
and alerting you when it matters most with the smart technology.